How to Create windows Bootable USB

In this article i will show you how to Create a windows Bootable USB using Rufus Software.Follow simple steps below here.

How to Create Bootable windows USB Drive

  1. First Download Rufus Usb bootable creator From the following link.
  2. Plug in the USB drive. And you will instantly see it in the top drop down menu to select your USB Drive.
  3. Once you select the Drive. Click on the Select Button.
  4. in the Browse windows go to where you’ve stored your Windows & other bootable ISO File from your computer. Select it, and click on the open button.
  5. Select the MBR from the Partition scheme drop-down menu and BOIS or UEFI 
  6. If you are trying to use this bootable USB drive on an old system select the Add fixes for old Boises Check Box under the Advance Drive properties section.
  7. Click on the Start Button.
  8. You might also see a drive format Warning Click on the OK Button.
  9. As soon as you click on the button Rufus starts to create the bootable USB Drive.
  10. When the process is complete the cancel Button Replace to close Button.
  11. Done unplug the USB Drive From your computer.

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