How to install Windows 7 and latest

Are you installing Windows 7 in your computer? you don’t need to confuse in-order to do so. You can install windows 7 from a DVD or USB. Following steps are given below to install windows 7 and other latest Version of windows.

How to install Windows 7

  • Place the Windows 7 Installation disc in the disc drive.
  • Restart Your computer
  • when the computer is restart black Screen appear Press any key from the keyboard.
  • Windows Start loading a file.
  • wait 1 mint to complete the process.
  • Choose your Windows Setup options select your preferred language, keyboard type, and time or currency format, Then click Next in the lower-right corner.
  • Click the Install button in the center of the screen.
  • Accept Microsoft Software License Terms and condition. Then click the checkbox next to accept the license Select the custom agreement and click Next Button.
  • Select the Custom installation option (this option allow user to do a Clean install of windows 7)
  • Select a Hard drive partition you want to install windows on.
  • Then select the hard drive from the list of hard drive.
  • Click Drive option advance.
  • Click Delete or Format Option.
  • Re select Drive and Click new option.
  • Select the size, and click OK.
  • install windows your preferred hard drive partition and click next.
  • wait sometime your computer install windows.
  • after sometime you have finished installing windows and automatically reboot your computer.
  • don’t press any key form the keyboard.
  • Wait sometime the process is complete then automatic restart computer.
  • user name dialog box appear.
  • now type your username and password. click next
  • now type windows 7 key.
  • Your product key is located on the case of your Windows 7 disc if you purchased the disc To skip entering your product key, just click Next,
  • Choose your Windows Update settings
  • Use recommended settings: automatically sets update & security settings recommended by Microsoft.
  • Install important updates only: configures your PC only to install necessary updates.
  • Ask me later: disables your security until you have made a decision.
  • Set your time and time zone
  • Set your network type.
  • wait the process is complete
  • done

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