How To Add Custom List in MS Excel

In this tutorial i will show step by step how to add custom list in Ms excel.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft Company for windows, Mac and Mobile OS. it feature calculation, Graphing tools, pivot tables, and a Macro programming language Eg. visual Basic. it has replaced lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets Program. Ms Excel is a part of Microsoft office suite of software. Using MS Office you can sort data either by days ,week or months of the Year optionally, you can create your own custom lists to sort by any other characteristic that doesn’t sort well alphabetically such as high, Medium, & Low, medium, Small to medium Large, And Extra Large.

How to add custom list in Ms Excel

1. Click file Or Office Button.

2. Click options > advanced > general edit custom lists.

3. In the custom lists box click New list. and then type the entries in the list entries box beginning with the first entry.

4. Press the enter key after each entry .

5. When the list is complete, click add.

6. The items in the list that you have chosen will appear in the custom lists panel.

7. Click ok twice.

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