How to Remote Desktop Using Team viewer

Team viewer is computer software used to remote control desktop sharing, online meetings web conferencing. And Even file transfer from computer to computer. So if you have a home or small office network with computers in several different locations, you may want to use a remote desktop to work on all of them on one workstation. A neat thing about Team viewer is you can also use all of the features with their phone applications also other operating systems compatible are windows. Mac and Linux operating system. follow theses steps to remote desktop using Team viewer.

How to Remote Desktop Using Team Viewer

  1. First download Team viewer Software for your computer from their website,
  2. Open the setup file to begin the installation. If a pop-up appears, click Allow or Run to give permission for the software to install.
  3. The setup will open up option page on how you want to proceed and you will have three options to choose on how you want teamviewer to be installed.
  4. Then below will ask you to choose whether you are using Team viewer for personal company or both of the above use. According to Teamviewer.
  5. personal use is an use for which you are not directly or indirectly paid. Choose. carefully then advance to the next step.
  6. Installation is finally done at this point. Wait for the setup to finish generate a random ID & password to be used to connect to other computers & cellular devices. You can m however, create a personal account instead of just remembering digits.
  7. On your I phone or android phone go to app Store or Play Store & search Team viewer for remote control and select the app.
  8. Tap install app to download and install the app tap on the installed Team viewer to run the app.
  9. Type teamviewer ID and password of your PC generated on Step 3 into the corresponding fields and click on button remote control
  10. On your PC, a popup window on your PC shows it is remote controlled by your phone.
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