How to Highly Compress Files Using Winrar

In this article, i am going to tell you how to Highly compress files using winRaR . Storing large files into compressed files become very handy because storing large files takes huge space in your drive space, so it’s better to highly compress those large files and delete the previous one to free up some space on your hard drive, I use this method and enjoy emptying space on my hard drive.

How to Highly Compress Files Using Winrar

  1. open the Winrar application.
  2. Go to option > settings or just hold the Ctrl + S.
  3. in the settings windows go to the compression tab and under compression profiles,click on the create Default button.
  4. Now under the Set default compression options click on the compression method and select best.
  5. Under the Archiving options check create solid archive and lock archive. This must now look something like this.
  6. Go to the advanced tab and click on the compression option.
  7. Under teh Text compression option select Auto, set the Prediction order to 63 and Memory to use to 128 mb.
  8. Click on OK and exit Winrar.
  9. Right click on the file you want to compress and select the Add to Filename.rar
  10. Wait for the compression to finish and once this is done you’ve finally go your highly compressed file.

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