How To Check RAM Speed In Windows 10

Is your PC or Laptop running slower than usual your system’s RAM is used to run application and files. If your PC has more RAM Storage. Below method to check RAM speed in windows 10.

It is so annoying because after spending an hour to check memory. You still can’t figure out what your PC RAM speed is. But don’t worry there are various ways by which you can check RAM speed easily and quickly. Follow this troubleshooting guide and find the best methods below to check RAM speed in windows 10.

Check RAM speed using Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager is on inbuilt tool that gives information about programs that are currently running on your system. You can also get statistics about the most commonly used programs. processes and the list of applications that have stopped responding. Hence we will check RAM speed through below mentioned steps:

  1. Right Click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager from the list.
  2. Tap on the performance tab and on the left side there is a feature of Memory. On the right hand side. Above slots used you will get the RAM Speed. Refer to the below screenshot.

Check RAM speed using Command Prompt

Command is the command line interpreter application in windows OS . With the command prompt you can execute various batch files. Scripts, Administrative function. Troubleshoots and solving various kind of windows glitches. We will check RAM speed through the command prompt with the help of mentioned steps.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R to launch the command prompt.Enter CMD in the Box.
  2. Enter wmic memorychip get speed in the command prompt and hit enter.
  3. This command will show the RAM chip’s speed.
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