Fix windows update error 0x800f0988

sometime when we try to download and install windows cumulative update. The PC might display the following Error. Below some steps to fix windows update error 0x800f0988.

How to Fix windows update error 0x800f0988

Run Windows update Troubleshooter

  1. Click start button search PC Setting Icon in left panel.
  2. windows setting appear.Double click update & Security category.
  3. Click on Troubleshoot button in left update & Security panel.
  4. Select the windows update button run the troubleshoot.
  5. wait sometime fix windows update.

Fix Windows update Components using command prompt.

  1. Right click on the start button >select the windows command prompt.
  2. Right click on the command prompt run as administrator.
  3. Type following command one by one.

(1) net stop wuauserv (2) net stop cryptsve (3) net stop bits (4) net stop miserver

4. Hit enter.type other command.

  • ren C:windowssoftware distributionsoftwaredistribution.old

5. Enter to execute command.

  • ren C:windowssystem32catroot2cartoot2.old

6. Hit Enter

7. enable all service you can turn off by using command

(1) net start wuauserv (2) net start cryptsvc (3) net start bits (4) net start misiserver

Rest This PC option

  1. Open windows setting
  2. Click on update & Security Category.
  3. Click on Recovery option.
  4. Then click on Get start button in reset this PC

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