How to install Latest Python on Mac

In this article i will show you how to install latest Python on Mac Operating system. Python is a popular programming language for creating applications on desktop platforms as well as the web.It;s also known as a great place for new coders to start, based on its easy syntax and flexibility. We’ll show you how to install the most recent version of Python on your Mac.

Installing Python on Mac OS

  1. First, grab the latest release from the pyton website. Unless you’re on an older machine and have to use a previous version of macOS for some reason, you can download the 64-bit installer file.
  2. This is the standard macos.PKG format, so you can just click the installer file proceed.
  3. The first screen will provide some info on the install, you can click continue to move along.
  4. Click continue on the following page as well, which is a notice that the project will stop providing support for 32-bit installers from v3.8 onward.
  5. The next screen asks you to accept the open source license for python. You can safely click continue here, then click Agree.
  6. You’ll need to select a destination for the install on the following screen. you can click install to place it on your main drive, or click customize to place it elsewhere.
  7. Now the installer will start copying the files, and the progress bar will tell you when it’s complete.
  8. once the installation is finished, the app’s folder will open in finder.

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