How To Recover Data From Computer

In the tutorial i will show you how to recover data from computer with 100% Guaranty The software uses the very fact that the windows 10 operating system does erase data. As such from the storage drive NTFS Format instead, it marks it deleted in the master file table, thereby freeing the sectors holding the data. The OS can overwrite these free sectors whenever required during the write operations, Therefore, in case of a data loss situation, you need to stop using your PC or external storage device to avoid permanent damage to files.

Stiller data Recovery software first scans the master file table to know the sectors used by the deleted files. If the software discoverers the metadata about the files, it accesses the inaccessible data from the unallocated sectors. And restores data to the desired location. in case the metadata in hte master file table is missing or corrupt, the software uses the file signature ( in Deep scan mode) to scan the entire drive and recover inaccessible data. Time taken to Deep scan the storage drive depends upon its size and condition.

Note: The software will not be able to get back your old data if the OS has overwritten new data to the sectors. Only a data backup can save you from such a data loss scenario.

Bellow steps to Recover Data From computer

How to Use the Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows

  • First Download Stellar Data Recovery Software
  • install the Software using the self instructive wizard. Restart PC then launch the software from its shortcut icon.
  • Select the type of data you want to recover and Click Next.
  • Select the data loss location, turn on Deep scan, and click Scan.
  • Allow the scan to complete and click OK when the scan is over.
  • Select a view tab, expand the structure, and click any file to Preview.
  • Check all the required files, then click Recover.
  • Specify the save location and click start saving.
  • The software save your recovered file to the specified location. Navigate to the location to verify the recovered data.
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