How to Setup Login Verification in Twitter

To increase security, Twitter offers a feature called login verification, which is their version of Two-step verification. With login verification enabled on an account a user will not only need their password to login, but will also require a code sent to you number at the time of the login.

This extra layer of security protects you from attackers brute forcing your password as they would still need the code sent to your mobile number. Therefore, the only way the way would login to your account would be not only have your password. but also to have access to your mobile devices as well.

How to Setup Login Verification in Twitter

  1. Login to Twitter and go into the Account settings.
  2. Click on Set up login verification
  3. Click start and then enter your mobile phone if requested.
  4. After entering your number, Twitter will now want to send a code to your mobile phone to configure it for login verification. At this screen Click on Send code.
  5. A code will have been send to your mobile number as a text. Enter the code you received and press Submit.
  6. You will be enrolled in Login Verification.
  7. Twitter will now prompt you to generate a backup code. Click on the Get Backup Code button and then write down or print the code that is displayed. This code can be used once to bypass Login verification.
  8. Setting up login verification in Twitter

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