How to save Whatsapp Status without any app

in this tutorial i will show how to save whatsapp status without any app

whatApp status allow you to share images video and text that disappear after 24 hours. whatsApp has made a small change to status privacy now. whatApp status allow you to hide you posts from specific people if you has another feature to mute some one status through which you cannot see in status popup. mostly people are in search of such apps that save their desired status. but here i tell you the method through which you can save status that you want to save without any application.follow this method to save statuses.

How to save whatsapp status without any app
  1. Open the file manger in your android mobile.
  2. Click on the bottom 3 Dots >and open the file manger Setting
  3. Show hidden files Radio button On
  4. Tap on internal storage of you android mobile
  5. Tap on whatsapp Folder
  6. Now go to media Folder
  7. Search .statuses folder

Note . statuses folder will be show when the hidden file option is on.

6. This folder stored all the images and videos you have viewed in the whatsapp status.

7. Copy the Desired video and images.

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