How to record Game play on PC

If you want to make a video of your pc games, Their is a slew of freeware that can help you do it. You have to follow the following procedure in order to record Game play on PC.

Using Fraps Software

  1. First download Fraps software on your computer.
  2. when download Fraps setup. Then install it.
  3. Open Fraps. you’ll find it in the all apps area of the Start menu.
  4. Click movies. it’s at the top-center part of the window.
  5. Create a video capture hotkey. This will be the key you press on the keyboard to start and stop recording. The hotkey is F9 by default.
  6. Adjust your video preferences: Click change to select a different location to save the video.
  7. Sound Capture settings: Check the box next to record win 7 sound if desired. if you’ll be speaking into a microphone, check Record external input.. Then select your microphone from the menu.
  8. Select FPS under Video capture settings for optimal results.
  9. Open the game you want to record.
  10. Press the F9 key to start recording.
  11. Press the hotkey again to stop recording.

Using the Game Bar in windows 10

  • Open the game you want to record.
  • Press Windows key + G . This opens the game bar at the bottom of the screen. You may have to select Yes , this is a game before you can continue.
  • Click the stop button when you’re finished. your finished recording will be saved to a folder called Captures.

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