How To Protect WhatsApp account from Hackers

In this Article i will tell you how to protect WhatsApp account from social hackers. We all do love WhatsApp. Since launching in 2009, it took overworld of online communication and gained the name of one of the most popular texts and voice messaging applications. Used by over a billion people, WhatsApp is simple to use and totally free. This messaging app lets us not only talk with our friends by using texts or videos but also send high-quality photos or recordings. It offers no limits on how you communicate with people and how much data you transfer.

This app offers also end-to-end encryption between users so you have the guarantee that your data is well protected while it’s sent between you and your contact. You may ask about its connection with Facebook, and the question is quite proper. WhatsApp is part of Facebook, but the service emphasizes that no detail is ever shared. It is kept completely separate, so your privacy is preserved.

How to protect WhatsApp from Hackers

Nowadays, hack-ing is an arising problem. Often do we hear about some outstanding security hackers, who steal sensitive data, valuable information, etc. These super smart and extremely skilled people, often use technical knowledge to break into some truly advanced systems. In some way, we do admire their cleverness, skills and carrying out the whole action, yet on the other hand, we definitely do not want to be the victims even of a novice hacker. Let’s take a look at how we can protect one of our favorite applications against hacker attacks.

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So even though WhatsApp is well protected, you should make sure that your account is secured in every possible way. Let’s enable a layer of protection just in case someone manages to trick you into sharing your security code, which is well known as social hackers

How to protect WhatsApp account

  1. Never share your unique 6-digit long WhatsApp code
    Do not provide anyone with this number, especially online. No one will ever have a legitimate reason to ask for this code, so leave it for yourself.
  2. Set Up Lock Screen. If you are really scared of some hacking attack, then creating the lockscreen is a great barrier to stop any stranger from being able to sign in to your account. No matter if its a Pattern, PIN Code or Password, just make it as unique as a fingerprint!
  3. Activate two-step verification. It is also known as two-factor authentication. Two-step verification is great, additional account security. Once you set iy up, you’ll log in to your account in two stages with two components: something you know (password) and something you have (your phone and fresh security key).

How to enable Two-step verification in WhatsApp

Let’s check out the way of setting up a super useful, two-step verification method in your WhatsApp. Take a look at the below instruction and with no further troubles make sure that you are protecting your WhatsApp account in both Android and iOS devices.

  1. First of All, open your WhatsApp.
  2. Secondly, select more icon – three dots on the top right corner.
  3. Pick Settings and go to the Account tab.
  4. From the available options choose Two-step verification.
  5. Hit Enable to activate wanted protection.
  6. Then, enter your 6 digits long PIN Code.
  7. Reenter your pin to confirm.
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Apple IOS

  1. First of all, open your WhatsApp and go to the Settings.
  2. Then, click on Account. iOS WhatsApp Security
  3. Locate and choose Two-step verification.
  4. Select Enable to activate this feature.
  5. Enter your six-digit PIN, which you will be asked for later.
  6. Confirm your security code and save it.

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