Top Best Tools To Check DA/PA: What is Domain Authority?

If not yet, then think of considering it in your website’s SEO strategy. Because domain authority gives you a scalable metric that tells a lot of information about how your website is working at this point. To understand what it means, let’s dive into the article to reveal some amazing insights.

What does authority mean here?

Authority as a single word is often connoted with the jaw-dropping zenith where a person or a company stands. Everyone likes authority in his or her domain but building authority on the internet is a different game. It reveals the epitome of success and the pinnacle of mastery, underscoring an influence on the current trends. In simpler words, having authority means you hold sway over your environment. With that said, an authority in online business or in Google’s ranking is somewhat different. Having an authority online tells that you have a certain sustainable ranking position and you publish credible content to the extent that people like to refer to your content to increase their credibility. Now, you would say how we can measure our website’s or blog’s authority? To know the answer let’s move to the next subheading.

What to measure your website authority?

Thanks to Moz, as they first conceived the idea of setting up a domain authority score for any website. This score is called the domain authority score. Recall domain from your website domain or URL. In other words, a domain authority score tells how powerful your website’s domain is. Domain authority is measured in a score that expresses the likelihood of your website’s ranking on search engine results. Thus, the better the DA score, the greater is its ranking.

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How to measure the domain authority of your website?

Since it is a score, it is measured in numbers from 1 to 100. A newly indexed website gets a DA score of 1 and an old website can get a greater DA score based on its performance. Remember, you mustn’t consider your DA score in oblivion. Putting it simply, you should not take your website’s authority by only seeing your DA score. Rather, you need to compare your score with your competitors to know whether you have high DA or not.The reason behind it is that your DA scores are competitive and relative to others in your area of enterprise. Having said that, a DA score of 60   above is generally competitive and good for your business. 

Does the Domain authority has some relation with SEO?

As you know, SEO is the panacea to all of your website ills, be it indexing, ranking, or building authority. Search engine optimization keeps a set of techniques to make everything right for Google algorithms.  Now, SEO lays out a basic foundation where you can stand the build your website’s authority. Therefore, most of the factors that help increase your DA score are basically SEO factors that improve your ranking. Hence, in the confluence of DA and SEO, lies your website’s success. To reason it, you can see the factors that Moz considers while calculating your URL’s authority. The number of unique backlinks.

Quality and uniqueness of your content.

Social media signals. These factors, overall, contribute to your SEO helping your website rank on the top position on SERPs. So, you can conclude that the DA score is a ranking factor and enhances your position on Google.

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They also provide a DA checker that checks your inserted website’s URL and gauges its backlinks along with other factors. Thus, this provides you a DA score of your website’s ranking. This single feature makes this tool worthy to use because it gives your website’s DA without charging anything from you. Hence, it is free to use the tool. Moreover, to get instant results, this DA checker comes for your aid because its speed is unmatchable. It gives you free checking with a flabbergasting speed. If you are interested to check more than one website DA at a time, you can use this tool because it gives DA scores of 20 websites at a time.

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