How to fix The number of ads you can show has been limited Solved

Today i will share yo how to fix the number of ads you can show has been limited error. When your ads are limited to show on your site, it generally shows, The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details go to the policy center. This limit is placed on your Adsense. if Google finds any invalid click or any other issues, they might take further enforcement action or your account might be permanently disabled. it’s your duty to keep your website compliance with the Adsense Programs policies.

Adsense Ads limits Reason

  1. Limit Performance related website: if you are using website like tools.pingdom or GTMetrix to check how much faster your website loads. checking the website speed is not wrong but do not do it very frequently. always try to use the Google page speed test tool.
  2. Don’t copy past your website link to YouTube comment section or trading video.
  3. if you have bought the traffic from spam websites then you might end up receiving the warning.
  4. Own click or using VPN and then click ads.
  5. one can use performance tools to create virtual users which may also cause this king of issue because these tools will be considered as bots.

How to fix The number of ads you can show has been limited Solved

1. Send Feed Back

You can send an email to the Adsense team but of the time they respond to our mail. when there a chance try it never hasitate to try.

click on the the feed back section, then it opens the below overly, fill the details and screenshot in the overlay.

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2. Delete old Ads unit

Try to delete existing ads on your adsense and keep only auto ads. after deleting the ads, try to create new ad code. to delete existing ads Go to ads section on left side pane and you can see the list of ad codes at the bottom. Click the 3 dots and archive them then create new ads.

Note: Wait for 15 days . Automatically remove ads limitation.

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