How to Change Your Profile Picture on Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a digital learning environment. Each student and teacher on the platform can have a profile picture set up, & you might want to change it from time to time. In This Tutorial i will teach you how to change your profile picture on google classroom Application.

Change Your Profile Picture Using the Mobile App

  • Open Classroom app.This app look like a group of people colored on a chalkboard that you’ll find on your Home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching.
  • Tap on 3 small line . You’ll see this in the top left corner of your scree.
  • Tap on setting. you’ll find this grey gear icon next to the word Setting near the bottom of the menu. You may have to scroll down to find it.
  • Click update photo. You should see this as the first listing in the menu.( if you are using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to tap “Account Setting” before you can tap Update photo).
  • Tap on Set Profile Photo. in the windows that pops up , you’ll need to select Set Profile photo to continue.
  • choose photo or Take a photo.
  • Tap accept or Done.

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