How To Download Playlist On Youtube using IDM

It happens with most of us that we have to download the entire playlist from YouTube.
Such time the following website could be extremely useful. I use it often to download
the NPTEL video lectures while I’m having a good network and view them offline later. Follow these steps to download Playlist on youtube using IDM.

How To Download Playlist On Youtube using IDM

If you’re using IDM then follow the steps:

  1. Go to YouTube, then navigate through the playlist you wish to download.
  2. Click on share the playlist.
  3. Copy the URL from share link
  4. Visit the site http://megavn.com/playlist.html and paste the URL, it’ll generate a code in
    the window below.
  5. Open IDM and then click on the Task option on the menubar, then click on “Add batch
    Download from Clipboard” then a dialogue box will appear.
  6. You’re almost done, now follow the prompts and the videos shall be downloaded Alternatively You can also use following website to generate the code for batch
  7. https://youtubemultidownloader.com/playlist.html (we reconmmend this link as it will also name the videos with the titles as displayed at the videos on YouTube)

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