How to Unlock Windows 10 Password

Windows password Recovery tool can help you to reset windows local or domain account password on all version of windows. Create new administrator account in a speedy way without any data loss or leaking of your private info. Follow these steps to unlock windows 10 password.

How to Unlock Windows 10 Password

  1. First Download windows passwerd recovery tool Zip File .
  2. Extract Zip File 2. File Appear 1. Rufus 2. windows Password Recovry iso file.
  3. Open rufus USB Bootable Creator Software.
  4. First Select your USB Derive.
  5. Click on the Select button to Browes your Windows password Recovery ISO File.
  6. Select partition Scheme MRB or GPT mostly MRB Use.
  7. Target system automaticaly Set.
  8. Click on Start Button.
  9. Start Process wait 1 mint when the Cencal Button Change into Close button.
  10. Click on Close button and Unplug you USB drive.
  11. Restart Your computer.
  12. when your computer is restart.Press F9 for Hp Computer And Dell PC F12 selcect USB Drive from the Boot menu.(all computer have different Bios Key)
  13. select USB Drive hit enter.
  14. your computer start.
  15. windows passwrod Recovery Windows appear.
  16. Select the user account Whose password you want to Remove.
  17. The user account info will be displayed automatically in the user name and password box.
  18. Select Remove the password and Click Next Button. Note : you can’nt remove the password for microsoft account.
  19. you have removed the password successfully.
  20. Click Reboot to restart your computer and login windows system without password.
  21. Done. your Windows 10 Password has been unlocked

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