How to make a virtual PC on your USB Device

You can take everything you need wit you on your USB device. Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to make a virtual PC on your USB device.

installing an OS

  1. Configure your USB device. To make a virtual PC on your USB device, you’ll need the following Thing.
  • 8 GB USB Device.
  • Windows 7 DVD or ISO image file.
  • Microsoft WAIK software.
  • NT6 Fast installer.

2. Download the windows automated installation KIT (WAlK) for windows 7.

3. Install the windows automated installation kit. open the startcd.exe file.

4. Click on the windows AIK setup option. It i on the left side of the windows.

5. Click next.

6. Agree to the License terms.

7. Select the installation folder. you can leave it as the default (C:Program files\windows AIK\) or select a new location. Click Next.

8. Confirm the installation. Click Next.

9. Complete the installation. When you see that the installation has been completed.

10. Click Close.

11. Download the NT6 fast installer.

12. Right Click on the installer.cmd file and select Run as Administrator. A command windows will open up.

13. Press Enter to continue.

14. Press any key to chose the install.wim file.

15. select the install.wim file from the windows 7 DVD. you can find it in the sources folder.

16. Choose the OS image number. For windows 7 Pro, choose number 4.

17. Choose a target USB drive letter to install the OS. For this Example, we’ll choose K.

18. Chose the target boot drive. Again, in the example, we’ll use K.

19. Choose to install the OS on the USB drive. Enter Y for Yeas.

20 Choose a windows Drive letter for new installation. For the Example, we’ll use L.

21. Press Enter to start installation.

22. Boot the OS. once your installation has reached 100% you can boot the OS from your USB drive.

Installing Applications

  1. Determine what application you will need to take with you or access away from your normal computing location. At the very least, install an email client and an internet browser. you may also want office type applications as well as some entertainment sources.
  2. Download application that have been designed or R engineered for portable use. You can search the internet.
  3. Install your chosen application to your USB device and take it with you.

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