How to insert Table of Content in MS Word

How to insert Table of Content in MS Word

Table of content allows the reader to navigate through your entire text to the desired page. It is a very important part of document. Here is how you insert table of contents in Microsoft Word. Follow these steps to insert Table of content in MS Word Automatically and Manually.

Insert Table of content Automatically
  1. Open the page you wish to insert a table of contents.
  2. Click on References Tab.
  3. Click on Table of Contents.
  4. Select the desired style of table of contents from the drop down menu.
  5. Click on the desired style.
How to Insert a Table of Contents Manually

Follow mention steps bellow to insert a table of content manually

  1. Go to References -> Table of Contents.
  2. Select Manual Table on drop down menu.
  3. Type in the titles, subtitles and their corresponding page numbers in the table.
  4. Done you have successfully insert table of content.

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