How to Backup Android Phone with Broken Screen

Once you get your android phone’s screen broken or gamaged, the broken screen will lose its touch function. You con’t accesss to the phone so how to deal with the data you stored in the internal memory of the phone? is it possible to backup data on the broken Android phone when the screen becomes unresponsive?. There are several tips you can try to take a backup android phone with broken screen.

Using OTG adapter and a mouse to Enable USB Debugging with Broken Screen

When it comes to extracting data from a damaged device it might be a good technique to recover the data back to the device. Only thing you need is a USB mouse and USB OTG adapter to make the cursor move on your android device. You can easily control your device through this OTG and mouse.

  1. Check the COMMS section of your device to configure that it would support the OTG and mouse.
  2. Plug-in your mouse to Mobile though OTG cable.
  3. Done! your screen full controlled with your mouse.

You can easily control your mobile screen through this method only if the screen is not responsive but working it, might not work on black screen or broken screen as there would be visibility issues.

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