How to Lock Apps on Android With Screen Pinning

In this tutorial how to lock Apps on Android with screen pinning

Screen pinning locks an app in open view. Attempting to close it or access the home screen prompts your lock screen security input.

FOR ANDROID 9.0 PIE (How to Lock Apps on Android With Screen Pinning)
  1. To enable screen pinning on Android Pie
  2. Open Settings and tap Security & location.
  3. Click Advanced option .
  4. Select Screen pinning.
  5. the toggle to enable screen pinning.
  6. Ask for PIN before unpinning to enable it for increased security
  7. Click the Overview icon, then tap the app you wish to pin.
  8. Click Pin.
  9. Tap Got it.
  10. Tap and hold Back and Overview simultaneously to unpin the app.
  11. Enter your pin, pattern, password, or bio metric security option to unpin the screen.
  12. The app is unpinned.
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