How to use Wallpaper on Galaxy Mobile

Here i shall tell you briefly how to use wallpaper on Galaxy. Wallpaper is a digital image (drawing) use as a decorative background on the screen of computer smart phone and other devices, while on a mobile phone thy serve as the background for the home screen. As for the mobile phone, android , the default format of screen short picture is PNG, without installing any 3rd party apps, as the JPEG File is smaller. DNG is an open lossless Raw image format written by adobe in 2014. you can also convert large picture files into a smaller format prior to putting them on a cell phone. JPEG is one of if not the most common photo file types.

How to use Wallpaper on Galaxy

Follow these steps to use wallpaper on Galaxy Mobile

  1. Go to your Home screen on your mobile.
  2. From a Home screen, touch and hold a blank area 1-2 seconds.
  3. Tap Wallpapers (bottom-left).
  4. From the My wallpaper Section, tab view all. To use an existing wallpaper image.
  5. Select a wallpaper image from the list.
  6. select an option (e.g Home screen, lock screen, Home and lock screens.)
  7. Done
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