How to See Hidden file on a Mac

Any files that with a period on a Mac are considered hidden files in the Mac Operating system and are not visible from within the finder. you can see these hidden files within the Terminal utility by using the Is -s command, but that is not convenient when you wish to see all files on your computer through the finder. This article will teach you How to See Hidden file on a Mac.

How to See Hidden file on a Mac

  1. The first thing you need to do is click on empty portion of your desktop so that the finder is selected. Once it is selected, click on the Go button and select utilities Option.
  2. The Utilities folder should now appear.
  3. Scroll through the list of apps till you find the Terminal icon, and double-Click on it. The terminal utility should now open and you will be shown a prompt and rectangular cursor.
  4. The Mac operating System Terminal utilities allows you to enter commands by typing on your keyboard. In order to show hidden files within the Mac Operating system finder. We need to first issue a command to enable the viewing og hidden files. To enter this command.
  5. Simply type the following bold text on your keyboard defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE and then Hit Enter. Once you have done this.
  6. It is now necessary to Restart the finder so that these setting to into effect. To do this please type the following Bold text on your keyboard Killall Finder and Hit Enter.Please note that you must capitalize the F in Finder or the command will not work. Once you have done this.
  7. After typing the killall Finder command, you should have seen the Mac desktop go away and then start again. This was the finder restarting and enabling the new settings. you can now close the Terminal utility.
  8. you will now be able to see all files, including hidden ones, when using the Finder on your Mac, in the future of if you want to turn this setting off so that hidden files are not visible in the finder, you can follow the same steps, but for the first command you should instead type the following bold text on your keyboard.
  9. defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE and then press the Enter on your keyboard. You will then need to issue the Killall Finder command to restart the finder.

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