How to Repair Hard Disk Bad Sectors in Mac

In computing, bad sector refers to a drive sector on a disk storage unit that is permanently damaged. When our hard Disk have sectors, these sectors won’t respond to read or write user request. In this article i will Show you how to repair hard disk bad sector in Mac OS.

How to Repair Hard Disk Bad Sectors in Mac

  • Connect the drive to your Mac.
  • Click Go Tab From the menu at the top of your mac’s screen.
  • Drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click utilities from the Drop-down menu.
  • Double click disk utility app icon,
  • Select hard drive in the upper left corner of the windows .
  • Click First Aid tab at the top of the disk utility windwos.
  • prompt utility scanning your selected hard drives bad sector.
  • Wait for the repairs to complete .
  • Run the disk utility again .

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