How to Recover photo with Disk Digger Photo Recovery


Disk Digger Photo Recovery can recover your deleted, lost images with high recovery rate. Data recovery is easier, Faster, and more reliable than ever before. As time passed, The data that could be stored on our Mobile has grown to be able to have greater and greater value, either from an economic or sentimental standpoint. This makes data safekeeping an important aspect of our lives, and using a suitable app solution in case of failures and deletions, such as Disk Digger Photo Recovery, can be a good backup plan to have.

Once-over you select a recovery category, you will be greeted by a wizard-like process that will guide you step by step, ultimately finishing up with it displaying the scanning results of the selected media.You have the option of choosing what Photo you want to recover,

How to Recover photo with Disk Digger Photo Recovery

  • Download Disk Digger From Google Play Store.
  • Install app. and allow all permission.
  • Scan the file for the image to be recovered on the menu option
  • Clicking Three Dot.
  • You can filter them based on the size.
  • Three Ways to Save image with Digger App
  1. Save FTP Upload
  2. Save to device
  3. Disk digger App
  • Click Clean up the files, Disk Digger app gives the the opportunity of deleting the files after recovering data.
  • Select the Wiping up Free space option provided. You can free the device memory after cleaning them.
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Disk Digger Photo Recovery Feature

  • Free Application
  • Wiping up Free space
  • Click Clean up the files
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