How to install Windows 10 Without USB

In this Post i will show you how to create a Windows bootable recovery
partition. This will allow you to restore to a fresh installation of Windows 10 without the need of an installation DVD or USB Drive. Below steps to How to install Windows 10 Without USB Drive.

How to Create and install windows 10 with Recovery partition

  • First Download Windows 10 ISO From the Microsoft Website.
  • Download & install EasyBCD Software
  • Right Click on The PC Icon OR My Computer Icon.
  • Select the Manage Option.
  • Computer Management Windows Appear.
  • Select Disk Management From the Left panel.
  • wait some time 5 to 10 Second.
  • Locate & right click the C: drive, and select Shrink Volume from the drop-down menu.
  • Select 7000MB and click shrink to create a 7GB Partition.
  • Right click the recently created partition and select “new simple volume” from the drop-down Menu.
  • Click next until you reach the Format Partition section.
  • Once here rename the volume to Recovery and finish the wizard to format the partition.
  • Right Click to open the partition.
  • Open the Windows ISO File. Copy all the File From the Recovery Partition.
  • Now Run EasyBCD Program.
  • Click on Add New Entry button, Select WinPE tab.
  • Browse and select the boot.wim file located inside the sources folder in the recovery Partition and click on Add Entry button.
  • Click on The Edit Boot Menu locate the new WinPE entry and rename it to Windows Recovery
  • Select 8 to 9 Second and Save settings.
  • Now Restart Your computer.After windows logo appear wait 2 second windows automatically show to option recovery .
  • select the windows Recovery.
  • Your windows installation start.
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