How to Fix Microsoft Store Not Opening and Suddenly Close.

Sometime we open Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store app is not opening and it Suddenly close after opening. Issues with Microsoft Store are a common thing in windows 10 operating system. If you’re unable to load the Microsoft store we will try to fix The Microsoft Store Not Opening problem solution in this post.

How To Fix Microsoft Store Not Opening and Suddenly Close.

  1. First Adjust your computer Date and Time.
2. Disable Proxy connection
  • Click on the start menu. Then click on Control panel.
  • Open the control panel windows.
  • Double Click on internet option.
  • Internet properties Windows dialog box appear.
  • Under the Connections Tab Click on LAN Setting.
  • Un-check Use Proxy Server option and Click OK Button.
3. Clear windows Store Caches,
  • Open windows Setting from the Start Menu.
  • Click on app Category in the windows setting.
  • Click on App & Feature in the left panel.
  • Search Microsoft Store.
  • Click on Microsoft Store Icon>Advance option.
  • Click on Reset Button.
  • Done all Microsoft store Caches Clear.

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