How To Add Sitemap In Google Search Console 

in this post i will show you How To Add Sitemap In Google Search Console.

Sitemaps are an important tool for getting your site discovered by search engines. You can also add a sitemap to Google’s Search Console to better improve indexing for your site.

For SEO, having a sitemap is critical to having your important pages indexed, demonstrating which pages are valuable, and having them indexed regularly to make sure only your most-up-to-date content is appearing in search results. If your pages get dropped, even briefly, from search results than you could lose rankings and it can take a long time to regain them. Sitemaps are a great way of making sure your index status is stable.

How To Add Sitemap In Google Search Console 

If you’ve decided that adding a sitemap is worthwhile for you, then here is how you do it step-by-step.

  1. Find your sitemap page on your live site. Not every site has the sitemap in the same location, or with the same URL structure. You can search Google for “site:example.com filetype :xml” or “site:example.com inurl:sitemap” or you can try just visiting www.example.com/sitemap.xml directly since this is the most common location. If you have an HTML page available to site visitors, that works too, these are often in the footer. You can also check your robots.txt file and see if the sitemap is linked to there.
  2. Go to your Search Console account and locate your correct property. It’s important to make sure that you find the property for the exact domain that you want to submit a sitemap for – the one that is available to visitors. Remember that http:// and https:// are not the same, and that example.com and www.example.com are not the same either.
  3. Navigate to “Sitemaps” under “Index” on the left site navigation pane.
  4. Remove old, outdated sitemaps if any have been submitted. Click on the three stacked dots in the top right corner to find this option.
  5. Under “Add a new sitemap” you can add your sitemap URL and click submit. NOTE: You only need to submit the end of the URL, not the domain portion. As long as that sitemap file is saved on the domain that matches your Search Console property.
  6. Google will verify that the sitemap can be found and read. It may take some time before your sitemap is crawled.
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Follow these steps to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console. In this same location you’ll be able to see if and when a sitemap has previously been submitted as well as when it was last “read” by Googlebot and how many URLs Google discovered in your sitemap. In this case though “discovered” is not the same as indexed, or even crawled, it may take several days for each page to be crawled and indexed.

Once a sitemap has been submitted. You do not need to resubmit it unless the location URL for the sitemap changes.
Like we described in the section above the “Coverage” report in Search Console can tell you the index status of your submitted sitemap pages.

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