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Grass Valley Edius 9 And X Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of Grass Valley Edius keyboard shortcuts. With KillerKeys, you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you.

Edius 9 And X shortCut Keys

Modifier KeyKeyDescription of shortcut
 Ctrl +ShiftBAdd clip in player to asset bin
  ShiftFSearch frame – recorder 
 Ctrl + ShiftFSearch frame – player
  F12Print to tape
 Ctrl NNew project
 Ctrl + ShiftNNew sequence
 Ctrl OOpen project
 Ctrl +ShiftOAdd file to recorder
 Ctrl + ShiftPOpen clip source file
Alt  QDelete unused rendered files
 Ctrl SSave project
 Ctrl +ShiftSSave as
 Ctrl TCreate new freeze frame
Alt  ADelete audio from selected clip
  BACKSPACEDelete gap
  DDelete between in/out
Alt  DRipple delete between in/out
Alt  DeleteRipple delete
Alt  +ShiftFDelete parts – video filters
Alt + Ctrl FDelete parts – audio filter
Alt + Ctrl ShiftFDelete parts – all filter
Alt + Ctrl GDelete parts – key
Alt + Ctrl ShiftGDelete parts – transparency
Alt  + ShiftHDelete volume setting
Alt + Ctrl HDelete pan settings
Alt  TDelete transition between selected clips
Alt + ShiftTDelete parts – transition
Alt + Ctrl TDelete parts – cross fade
Alt  VDelete video of selected clip
  Shift1Select 1a track
  Shift2Select 2a track
  Shift3Select 3a track
  Shift4Select 4a track
  Shift5Select 1va/v track
  Shift6Select 2va/v track
  APrevious edit point
  ENDMove to end
  FMatch frame recorder>player
Alt  FDisplay master clip
  F11Print to file
  HOMEMove to start
  Numpad – Timecode jump (-)
  Numpad +Timecode jump (+)
  PgDnNext edit point – trim
  PgUpPrevious edit point – trim
 Ctrl Right ArrowNext edit point
  SNext edit point
  ShiftASelect all tracks
 Ctrl ASelect all clips in selected tracks

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