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Microsoft Office is probably the most common productivity Software in the world powered by Microsoft company, with Billions of people using Ms Word to write different kinds of documents every day, from primary school,office, Company write professional letter. Knowing important shortcut keys in Microsoft Word will make whichever job you have easier, faster.Below Table Microsoft word shortcut keys available

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + C Copy Text
Ctrl + DOpen Font Dialog Box
Ctrl + EAlign Center
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + GGo To
Ctrl + IItalic
Ctrl + HFind & Replace
Ctrl + JJustify Text
Ctrl + KHyperlink
Ctrl + LAlign Left
Ctrl + MBullets
Ctrl + NNew Document
Ctrl + OOpen Document
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + QClose Document
Ctrl + RAlign Right
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + UUnder line
Ctrl + WClose MS Word
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + YUndo
Ctrl + ZRe-do
F1 Get Help or visit Microsoft Office Online.
F2 Move text or graphics.
F3Insert an Auto Text
F4Repeat the last action
F5Choose the Go To command (Edit menu).
F6Go to the next pane or frame.
F7Choose the Spelling command (Tools menu).
F8Extend a selection
F9Update selected fields.
F 10Activate the menu bar
F11Go to the next field.
F12Choose the Save As command (File menu).
SHIFT + F1 Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting
SHIFT + F2 Copy text.
SHIFT + F3Change the case of letters.
SHIFT + F 4Repeat a Find or Go To action.
SHIFT + F5Move to the last change
SHIFT + F6Go to the previous pane or frame
SHIFT + F7Choose the Thesaurus command (Tools menu, Language submenu).
SHIFT + F8Shrink a selection.
SHIFT + F9Switch between a field code and its result.
SHIFT + F10Display a shortcut menu.
SHIFT + F11Go to the previous field
SHIFT + F12Choose the Save command (File menu).
CTRL + F2 Choose the Print Preview command (File menu).
CTRL + F3Cut to the Spike
CTRL + F4Close the window.
CTRL + F5Restore the document window size
CTRL + F6Go to the next window.
CTRL + F7Choose the Move command
CTRL + F8Choose the Size command
CTRL + F9Insert an empty field.
CTRL + F10Maximize the document window
CTRL + F11Lock a field
CTRL + F12Choose the Open command (File menu).
CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Insert the contents of the Spike
CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Edit a bookmark.
CTRL+SHIFT+F7 Update linked information in a Microsoft Word source document.
CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Extend a selection or block
CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Extend a selection or block
CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Unlink a field.
CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Unlock a field.
CTRL+SHIFT+F12 Choose the Print command
ALT+F1 Go to the next field.
ALT+F3 Create an Auto Text
ALT+F4 Quit Microsoft Word
ALT+F5 Restore the program window size
ALT+F6 Move from an open dialog box back to the document for dialog boxes such as Find and Replace that support this behavior
ALT+F7 Find the next misspelling or grammatical error
ALT+F8 Run a macro
ALT+F9 Switch between all field codes and their results
ALT+F10 Maximize the program window.
ALT+F11 Display Microsoft Visual Basic code.

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