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Inpage 3 Shortcut Keys Free Download

inpage provides the facilities to write down Urdu, Kurdish, Pashto, Persion, Saraiki, Sindhi, Arabic, English, Hindi Hazargi, Kashmiri Languages in one place. It consist many features which makes your article attractive and delightful . It also consist many various features which are newly published. Inpage is currently utilized in many faculties , colleges and universities for educations purposes. However, this version includes big variety of lovely fonts. Mostly advertising agencies use inpage for designing and publishing of ballet papers, panaflex bordres, design custom layout, upgradded colors and printing utilities papers. Arabic writing is now so simpler and easier because of inpage Pro has powerful fonts especially for Quranic, Urdu, Arabic and English typing. below table to download inpage 3 Shortcut Keys Free Download

Inpage 3 Shortcut Keys Free Download

Caret movement and Text Selection

Previous CharacterLeft Arrow
Next CharacterRight Arrow
Previous WordCtrl+Left Arrow
Next WordCtrl+Right Arrow
Previous LineUp Arrow
Next LineDown Arrow
Top of Previous TextboxAlt+Up Arrow
Top of Next TextboxAlt+Down Arrow
Top of ParagraphCtrl+Up Arrow
Top of Next ParagraphCtrl+Down Arrow
Beginning of LineHome
End of LineEnd
Beginning of StoryCtrl+Home
End of StoryCtrl+End
Select WordDouble Click
Select ParagraphTriple Click

Text Editing

Toggle English and UrduCtrl+Space
Delete Previous CharacterBackspace
Delete Previous WordCtrl+Backspace
Delete Next CharacterDel
Delete Next WordCtrl+Del
CutCtrl+X, Shift+Del
CopyCtrl+C, Ctrl+Insert
PasteCtrl+V, Shift+Insert
Undo Previous OperationAlt+Backspace, Ctrl+Z
Select AllCtrl+A
Find TextCtrl+F
Replace TextCtrl+R

Text Formatting

Left AlignmentCtrl+Alt+L
Right AlignmentCtrl+Alt+R
Center AlignmentCtrl+Alt+C
Full JustifiedCtrl+Alt+F
Toggle Text and Tab ModesCtrl+Alt+T
Define Style SheetsCtrl+T
Character FormatCtrl+H
Paragraph FormatCtrl+G
Increase Character SpacingCtrl+F5
Decrease Character SpacingCtrl+F6
Baseline Shift UpCtrl+F7
Baseline Shift DownCtrl+F8
Decrease Font SizeCtrl+F9
Increase Font SizeCtrl+F10

Page Movement

Scroll Page UpPage Up
Scroll Page DownPage Down
Scroll Page LeftCtrl+Page Up
Scroll Page RightCtrl+Page Down
Scroll Page Up by One LineShift+Page Up
Scroll Page Down by One LineShift+Page Down
Scroll Page Left by One LineCtrl+Shift+Page Up
Scroll Page Right by One LineCtrl+Shift+Page Down

Page Change

Previous PageAlt+Page Up
Next PageAlt+Page Down
First PageAlt+Home
Last PageAlt+End
Toggle Master and Document pagesAlt+Enter

Page Editing

Alt DelDelete Pages
Alt InsInsert Pages

Selected Object(s) Modification

Select All ObjectsCtrl+A
Select/Deselect Multiple ObjectsShift+Mouse Click
Undo Previous OperationAlt+Backspace, Ctrl+Z
Move Selected ObjectsArrow Keys
Smaller MovementCtrl+Arrow Keys
Move Selection PointArrow Keys with mouse down
Smaller Movement of ObjectsCtrl+Arrow Keys with mouse
Constrain Movement Vertically/HorizontallyShift while moving objects
Move Objects to Original PositionEscape while moving Objects
Make Object to Square or CircleShift while modifying an Object
Make Line at any angleShift while modifying a line

Selected Picture Modification

MoveArrow Keys
Smaller MovementCtrl+Arrow Keys

View Change

Fit in WindowF5
Zoom InRight Button Click
Zoom OutShift+Right Button Click

File Operations

Create a New DocumentCtrl+N
Open an Existing DocumentCtrl+O
Save DocumentCtrl+S
Save As DocumentCtrl+Alt+S
Print DocumentCtrl+P
Print SetupCtrl+Alt+P
Close DocumentCtrl+F4
Import Text or PictureCtrl+Y
Export Text or PictureCtrl+Alt+Y
Import PictureDouble Click on Picture Box

Tool Selection

Text BoxShift+F2
Title Text BoxShift+F3
Link Text BoxShift+F4
Picture BoxShift+F5
Elliptical Picture BoxShift+F6
Round Cornered Picture BoxShift+F7
Graphic BoxShift+F9
Elliptical Graphic BoxShift+F10
Round Cornered Graphic BoxShift+F11


Snap To GuidesF9
Typographic PreferencesF11
Application PreferencesAlt+F11
Document PreferencesCtrl+F11
Go to the Last Edited item in RibbonF12
Go to the Page Scroller in Status BarAlt+F12
Go to the View in Status BarCtrl+F12
Abort Current Import of TextEscape
Tab within a Table CellCtrl+Tab
Application PreferencesDouble Click On Tool Strip
Typographic PreferencesDouble Click On Text Ribbon
Format GuidesDouble Click On Rulers
Reset Ruler OriginDouble Click On Origin Box
Page ScrollCtrl+Left Button Click
Create Object with handles (for Text, Title and Picture Boxes)Double Click on the Tool
Open Files from File ManagerDrag Drop InPage File
Import Picture from File Manager if a Picture Box is activeDrag Drop Picture File
Import Text from File ManagerDrag Drop Text File
if a Picture Box is active 

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