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MS Excel Shortcut Keys 2019

Microsoft excel is an amazing software made by Microsoft company we can store a huge data in it. It contains all data in the form of rows and columns. Through formulas we can automatically calculate amount easily. Through shortcut keys we can made over calculation simply and easily. In this post i share you a lot of shortcut keys through which you can made your work easy and complete in short time. Microsoft excel shortcut keys 2019 below table.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys 2019

Display ‘Go To’ dialog box Ctrl + G OR F5
Select cells with comments Ctrl + Shift + O
Select current region around active cell Ctrl + Shift + *
Select current region Ctrl + A
Select direct precedents Ctrl + [
Select all precedents Ctrl + Shift + {
Select direct dependents Ctrl + ]
Select all dependents Ctrl + Shift + }
Select visible cells only Alt + ;
Open help F1
Undo last action Ctrl + Z
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Copy selection Ctrl + C
Repeat last action F4
Cut selection Ctrl + X
Paste content from clipboard Ctrl + V
Display the Paste Special dialog box Ctrl + Alt + V
Display nd and replace with Find tab selected Ctrl + F
Display nd and replace with Replace tab selected Ctrl + H
Find previous match (after initial Find) Ctrl + Shift + F4
Find next match (after initial Find) Shift + F4
Insert embedded chart Alt + F1
Insert chart in new sheet F11
Toggle Autolter Ctrl + Shift + L
Activate lter Alt + ↓
Create table Ctrl + T
Select table row Shift + Space
Select table column Ctrl + Space
Select table (when active cell is in table) Ctrl + A
Clear slicer lter  Alt + C
Format cells Ctrl + 1
Display Format Cells with Font tab selected  Ctrl + Shift + F
Apply or remove bold Ctrl + B
Apply or remove italics Ctrl + I
Apply or remove underscore Ctrl + U
Apply or remove strikethrough Ctrl + 5
Align center Alt + H , A C
Align left Alt + H , A L
Align right Alt + H , A R
Indent Alt + H , 6
Remove indent Alt + H , 5
Wrap text Alt + H , W
Align top Alt + H , A T
Align middle Alt + H , A M
Align bottom Alt + H , A B
Increase font size one step Alt + H , F G
Decrease font size one step Alt + H , F K
Open list of border styles from Ribbon Alt + H , B
Add border around selected cells Ctrl + Shift + &
Add or remove right border Alt + H , B R
Add or remove left border Alt + H , B L
Add or remove top border Alt + H , B P
Add or remove bottom border Alt + H , B O
Add all borders to all cells in selection Alt + H , B A
Remove borders Ctrl + Shift +
Apply general format Ctrl + Shift + ~
Apply number format Ctrl + Shift + !
Apply time format Ctrl + Shift + @
Open Thesaurus Shift + F7
Open Macro dialog box Alt + F8
Open VBA Editor Alt + F11
Duplicate object Ctrl + D
Snap to grid (whilst dragging) Alt
Hide or show objects Ctrl + 6
Open Modify Cell Style dialog box Alt + ‘
Show right-click menu Shift + F10
Display control menu Alt Space
Apply date format Ctrl + Shift + #
Apply currency format Ctrl + Shift + $
Apply percentage format Ctrl + Shift + %
Apply scientic format Ctrl + Shift + ^
Toggle absolute and relative references F4
Open the Insert Function Dialog Box Shift + F3  Autosum Alt + =
Toggle displaying formulas on and o Ctrl + `
Insert function arguments Ctrl + Shift + A
Enter array formula Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Calculate worksheets F9
Calculate active worksheet Shift + F9
Force calculate all worksheets Ctrl + Alt + F9
Evaluate part of a formula (in cell edit mode) F9
Create name from values in row(s)/column(s) Ctrl + Shift + F3
Paste name into formula F3
Hide columns ctrl + 0
Hide rows Ctrl + 9
Unhide rows Ctrl + Shift + 9
Group rows or columns (with rows/columns selected) Alt + Shift + →
Ungroup rows or columns (with rows/columns selected) Alt + Shift + ←
Open Group Dialog Box (no rows/cols selected) Alt + Shift + →
Open Ungroup Dialog Box Alt + Shift + ←
Hide or show outline symbols Ctrl + 8
Enter data and move up Shift + Enter
Enter data and move left Shift + Tab
Enter data and stay in same cell Ctrl + Enter  
Insert current date Ctrl + ;
Insert current time Ctrl + Shift + :
Fill down from cell above Ctrl + D
Fill right from cell on left Ctrl + R
Copy formula from cell above (formula is exact copy) Ctrl + ‘
Copy value from cell above Ctrl + Shift + ”
Insert hyperlink Ctrl + K
Display AutoComplete list Alt + ↓
Flash ll Ctrl + E
Delete to end of line Ctrl + Delete
Delete character to left of cursor Backspace
Delete character to right of cursor Delete
Start a new line in the same cell Alt + Enter
Edit the active cell F2
Insert or edit comment Shift + F2
Delete comment Shift + F10 , M
Cancel editing Esc
Save workbook Ctrl + S
Save as  F12
Go to next workbook Ctrl + Tab
Go to previous workbook Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Minimize current workbook window  Ctrl + F9
Maximize current workbook window Ctrl + F10
Protect workbook  Alt + R , P W
Close current workbook Ctrl + F4
Close Excel  Alt + F4
Insert new worksheet Shift + F11
Go to next worksheet  Ctrl + PgDn
Go to previous worksheet  Ctrl + PgUp
Rename current worksheet  Alt + O , H R
Delete current worksheet  Alt + E , L
Move current worksheet  Alt + E , M
Select adjacent worksheets  Ctrl + Shift + PgUp/PgDn
Select non-adjacent worksheets  Ctrl + Click
Toggle full screen Ctrl + Shift + F1
Select one character right Shift + →
Select one character left Shift + ←
Move one word right Ctrl + →
Move one word left Ctrl + ←
Select one word right Ctrl + Shift + →
Select one word left Ctrl + Shift + ←
Select to beginning of cell S hift + Home
Select to end of cell Shift + End
Copy Ctrl +C
Cut Ctrl + X

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