How to Install Window On PM Laptop – Y11b and Y11C Haier Laptop

All version and Core of laptop face Problems during the installation of window Haier Y11B and Y11c also contain the problem because of his new sort of window system but don’t worry in this article I will share complete step by step guide on How to Install Window On PM Laptop? Haier Y11B laptop With Bootable USB | Bootable button on the keyboard.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Distribute Laptops to the Talented student. These phase 2 Laptop Model HAIER Y11B has the Best quality among others. Haier Y11B is a Fast laptop according to Students’ feedback. Let discuss more the install window on pm y11b Haier laptop and Haier y11b boot key.  

Haier y11b laptop Spec 

  • Project           Description
  • CPU               INTEL CORE TM M-5Y10C
  • SSD               32 GB
  • HDD              500GB
  • DDR              RAM 4GB
  • WINDOW    8.1
  • WIFI              SUPPORTS 802.11 B/G/N
  • BLUETOOTH    4.0
  • Color             Silver

Laptop Haier y11b Price in Pakistan

This Haier y11b Laptop is Prize from Prime minister for students but in some case when students got this laptop they want to sell it in the market, so according to current this brand new laptop is a sale between 20k-30K according to website where these Haier y11b laptops are listed for sale.

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How To Install Window On PM Laptop

In this guide, we will cover how you can install Window to Prime minister  y11b Haier laptop so follow these below step by step instruction.

With this method you can try different window in pm laptop the same method is applied

  1. Insert Your Bootable USB and Start Your Laptop
  2. When Logo Appear  Go to Bios Setting By Press Esc Key Rapidly (two-three times)
  3. Go to Boot TAB IN Bios Setting and you will see
  4. Boot Option #1  [Windows Boot Manager(P3: LITEON CS1-SP32)]     
  5. BOOT option #2    [UEFI: SMI USB DISK 1100, Partition 1]
  6. Change Boot Option#1 from “[Window Boot Manager (P3: LITEON CS-1SP32)] to “[UEFI: SMI USB DISK 1100, Partition 1]
    By Press – (minus ) key from Your keyboard
  7. Go to Save & Exit and click on Save Changes and Exit
  8. You will see message   Save Configuration And Exit
  9. Click YES
  10. Laptop Will Be restart Automatically With New Window

Following Below Are Related ScreenShot you can follow to Fix the problem and install Window On PM Laptop

You can check all the step I think this will easy for you to learn

1. Bios Setting

2. Change Boot Option#1 to Flash Drive By Press – (minus ) key from Your keyboard

3. install windows on Your Laptop

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