How to FIX Mega “Bandwidth Transfer Quota Exceeded” Error is a very popular and secure file hosting site used by many developers on XDA and it has some limit for free users. So if there’s any file you want to download from, make sure you use following methods…. to FIX Mega “Bandwidth Transfer Quota Exceeded” Error.

METHOD 1: USE MEGA DESKTOP APP provides a free Mega Desktop app to download and save files from the server. After login into the Mega Desktop app, you can exceed the Mega download limit of 4GB.

  • Turn on the ‘Transfer with MEGA Desktop App‘ toggle switch and then click Download.
  • Click the ‘Download MEGA App‘ button. This will download the Mega Desktop app on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC. Install it and launch the app to download file.
  • Now you can download unlimited files from MEGA without limit


This is the easiest way but requires a VPN connection. I would never recommend a free VPN service but if you can’t spend, try UFO VPN. Here’s how it works.

  • Download the Downloader on your PC
  • Download, install and set up the VPN software on your PC
  • Connect to a VPN location and then run Mega Downloader
  • Start downloading the file, as soon as you reach the bandwidth quota, which is 4 GB, change the VPN location.
  • Repeat it until you download the complete file.
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Wasn’t that super easy? But if you want to stay secure, get a premium subscription at or VPN. I personally use UFO VPN, and so recommended here.


If you experience with Mega Downloader, you can combine it with IDM to download files from faster and bypass Bandwidth Transfer Quota limit.

Install both programs and follow these steps carefully.

  • First, install IDM. (if you already have it, skip this)
  • Open MEGA Downloader
  • Click the Configuration (gear symbol at the top-right)
  • Click the “Streaming” tab then check “Use streaming server” then save.
  • Click the “Streaming” tab again (not in configuration) then watch online.
  • Copy the link that you want to download from MEGA on your browser then paste it to the “MEGA URL link”.
  • The new link will appear, copy it.
  • Go back to IDM. Click “Add URL” then paste it then click OK.

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