1500 + Urdu font Collection 2023 Free Download

If you Looking a free download Urdu Fonts for used Inpage, Coreldraw Photoshop, MS Words, Pixellab, and Windows 7/8.1/10? We have already 1500+ Best Urdu Fonts Collection available an Inqalabgraphics website for Download free. Free Popular Urdu stylish fonts TTF Jameel NooriNastaleeqNoori Nastaliq, Kacstart, Alvi Nastaleeq, Nafees Riqa, Nafees Naskh,
Urdu Arabic Fonts, Nafees Tahreer Naskh, Aasar Alvi Nastaleeq Lahori, Nafees Riqa and other 1500 + Urdu font Collection 2023 Free Download.

There Best New Arabic 1500 Fonts Collection Available for Inpage, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, AutoCAD, Folder Name and Others. You can use these fonts in Coral Draw, Adobe Illustrator for writing Urdu language as you want to write.
 Jameel Noori Nastaleeq,Talat, Arabic Quranic Fonts and more famous fonts.

How to Install Urdu Fonts:

  1. Download these fonts and extract from folder 
  2. Copy these fonts and 
  3. Go to start menu and write fonts and click on Fonts folder
  4. Paste all fonts and close it 
  5. After this Download and Install Phonetic Keyboard,

Note : Shortcut key for Change the Keyboard is;  shift + alt

1500 + Urdu font Collection 2023 Free Download

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Best 1000 urdu fonts free download

Now you can download 1000 urdu fonts free from the following link. I have more then 10 years of Urdu inpage typing experience.

This collection contains the following urdu fonts

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  • Stylish urdu fonts
  • Calligraphy urdu fonts
  • kinemaster urdu fonts
  • Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Kasheeda
  • Al Qalam Telenor Urdu Font
  • Al Qalam Alvi Nastaleeq fonts
  • Najd Urdu Font
  • Rouqa Urdu Font
  • Top Urdu fonts Shafig Kurd Font
  • Alvi Lahori Nastaleeq Urdu Font
  • 10 top Bombay Black Urdu Font
  • Top Alqalam Irtaza 10 Urdu Font
  • Alqalam Naqsh Urdu Font
  • Diwan Urdu Font
  • 3d urdu fonts
  • attractive urdu fonts
  • mtc urdu fonts

Best 500 urdu fonts free download

This is my latest collection, that contains 500 urdu fonts free download able. It contains the most famous urdu fonts. Just click the link and download the urdu fonts. It can be use on different software’s, even you can use it for online website.

Download Now

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