Zong Helpline Customer Service Number

Zong Pakistan

Find detail about Zong Helpline Customer Service Number for customers on international roaming and dedicated helpline for international Customer Care. Zong has become the fastest growing network of Pakistan as it has recorded 510 percent growth in terms of number of call sites during the last three years. the company now has 5,700 call sites out of which a massive 4,500 have been set up since 2007.

in April 2008 . zong joined the telecom industry in Pakistan as the smallest operator.It took zong two years and the fastest roll out in the history of the industry to setup a network which its competitors had taken more then. Zong has strong customer base with over 300 milion more customers. if you are a zong customer, you can easily reach helpline of zong to answer your questions and queries.

Detail of Zong Helpline Customer service Number:

  • Call 310 to reach the customer support from your mobile phone
  • call 111-222-111 from any other mobile number landline number
  • Product related queries, SMs help to 310. This service is available free of cost.
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