Is instacart worth it?

Due to busy life and during the covid-19 pandemic online grocery stores became more popular for shopping. People are now widely using home delivery services for time-saving and to hold their daily needs.  You may hear of using Instacart. Is Instacart worth it? In this article, we review the pros and cons of Instacrt and will give you complete guidance about it.

Is instacart worth it

What is Instacart?

If you have a busy life and you want to spare some of your time then home delivery services and online grocery stores can help you a lot. Instacart is also an online grocery app and you can order anything you need.

How is it work?

 If you are using this app you just have to open your instacart account and then you can browse your favorite items and add all items to your cart. You can choose delivery time and you will have to provide your address and you can pay with your credit card.

When you order things Instacart shopper will receive this order. Then shopper will go to the store and shop for your items and then deliver it to your address. This is the whole process, is this service worth it?

Is Instacart woth it?

Let’s know about it.

Is instacart worth it

 Customers who get their groceries through instacart regularly already know how useful it is but for new customers here are some benefits and drawbacks of using this service.

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Here is a short version:


  • Availability

This service is available in the United States and Canada. It offers delivery service in hotels offices and households. You can order anything and it delivers to you at your address.

  • Huge grocery store

Most delivery apps may only have a few stores but instacart has a huge selection of grocery stores. Instacrt partnered with famous store chains. With the huge list of available stores, you can buy your favorite items through instacart.

  • Free delivery

Instacart offers free delivery. If you are a new customer your first delivery will be free. If your cart is worth more than $35 you will get free delivery. By shopping for more than $35 you can save a bit of money by getting free delivery.

  • Pharmacy services

With the help of instacart, you can also take care of your pharmacy needs. You can order first aid items as well as a prescription. Instacrt is worth it because it offers pharmacy services as well as grocery services.

  • Easy interface

Some of the grocery store apps are very difficult to use but Instacart has an easy and user-friendly interface. It speeds up your shopping experience, a great app because it has a simple interface and is easy to use.

  • Time saver

Saves your time and energy. if you are having a busy life Instacart will give you a chance to save up your time. It will also save you energy and you can take some rest. Because of time and energy saving Instacart worth it


While instacart has so many benefits plus points it also has downside. Here are some of the problems that users find using Instacart.

  • Some may find it difficult to use
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If you are not used to shopping online then you may find some problems using it. It has an easy interface but if you are not sure how to add items to the cart you can find it difficult.

  • Use in rural areas

It delivers groceries in the United States and Canada but it is not suitable for some rural areas.

  • More expensive

Using Instacart you can expect to pay $10 to $15 extra than you normally spend on shopping. if there is a sale on your favorite items you can miss it too. Instacart is more expensive but the extra money is for your convenience and time saving


Instacart is a great grocery delivery app because you order everything from groceries to jewelry even prescriptions through this app. It is expensive but it also saves your time and energy.

 I think it is only worth it if you really value the convenience and want to save time. If money is your main concern you should check some other grocery delivery services which are cheaper and have fewer service fees

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