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How to Delete instacart Account on iPhone

Due to hectic routines and especially in the current situation of covid-19people can’t do regular grocery shopping. Most people’s want to shop online for time-saving also so the Instacart app has made it easy. it is a free online app that provides grocery delivery as well as pickup service in the united states and Canada.  With this app, you can order anything online and it will deliver to your doorstep using this app on your 66iPhone and other devices. It’s safe and your first delivery will be free.

While it is so useful to have an Instacart account but however you still want to delete it for different reasons. Maybe you want to make another account with a different email address or your account has been hacked. If you are an iPhone user and you want to delete your Instacart account on iPhone you can do it easily It’s the only way to delete your purchasing history and your data information also. So if you want to delete your account for any reason here are the steps to delete it.

How to delete your Instacart account on your iPhone:

If you have a free Instacart account then you can’t delete your account online but you can delete your Instacart account on your iPhone by following different steps.

  1. Submit a request in the instacart app:

If you have an apple device like iPhone and you are sure to delete your account you can simply submit a request in the instacart app. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Firstly tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on Your account setting and then tap account information.
  • Tap on delete account and your account will be deleted.
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American company instacart was founded in 2012 that provides marketplace features where multiple sellers and buyers can deal. In this app, customers can order groceries easily and they deliver them 24/7.it provides you with a wide range of different products and you can choose from them according to your need. Contactless delivery is also available.

In a 2020 survey online grocery app instacart was available to 85%of households in the United States

  • Call customer care:

This method is so easy .you can call Instacart customer care from your phone and request them to delete your account. You can call them at 1-888-246-7822 and request to delete your account permanently.

  • Use Instacart on your iPhone:

If you are an iPhone user you can delete your Instacart account on iPhone by using these simple steps:

  • Firstly open your Instacart app on your iPhone.
  • Then tap your profile icon on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on my account and then tap the express option on your iPhone.
  • Tap manage membership and then lastly tap on end membership
  • A confirmation message will appear and now confirm your cancelation

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