LRMIS Calculator 1.4.3 Free Download

in this Post will share LRMIS Calculator 1.4.3 for free download.

While use of globally accepted units of land measurement is quite common in PAKISTAN, the use of local units is equally common. Kanal could be counted as one such local unit of areas measurement in PAKISTAN. The unit is primarily used for land measurement in the northern parts of the country, including Rawalpindi, Punjab, sind. Baluchistan, Kashmir. Even though the use of this traditional unit is on the decline because of more commonly used measurement units such as acre and hectare. kanal is still used commonly in the rural areas of those states where it has been traditionally in use.

While measurements might vary from state to state, a kanal in Pakistan is the equivalent of the globally accepted 4,500 square. A kanal is also one one-eighth of an acre, a measurement unit common across the globe.

How to Use PLRA Android Application with out Singup

Feature of LRMIS APP

  1. Calculate marla, Kanal, Foot
  2. Wirasat ratio calculation like 1/6,1/8/1/2
  3. Person Area Calculator
  4. Free calculator

LRMIS Calculator 1.4.3 Free Download

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