Jadeed Rahnmae Patwar Course Book PDF Free Downlaod

in this post i will share you the best Patwar book Jadeed Rahnmae Patwar Course Book PDF Free Downlaod.

Jadeed Rahnmae Patwar Course Book PDF Free Downlaod

  • Book Name: Jadeed Rahnmae Patwar Course
  • Book Author: Sardar Mehmood-ur-Rasheed Dogar & Fida Hussain Qaiser
  • Book Publishers: Mansoor Book House
  • Language: Urdu
  • Book Code: 4847
  • Category: LAW Book

Jadeed Rahnmae Patwar Course book Details

1) Powers/ Jurisdiction
2) Jurisdiction of revenue authority
3) Power of Revenue officer
4) Provisional Powers of Revenue Board
5) Power of board of revenue to remand
6) Provisional Jurisdiction of Revenue Board
7) Power of Review Revenue Board  Jurisdiction of Civil Court
9) Decree of Civil Court
10) Power of Cane Commissioner
11) Jurisdiction of revenue court
12) Mutation
13) Entry of Mutation
14) Exchange mutation
15) Attestation of mutation
16) Mutation Attested on the basis on Power of Attorney
17) Tamleek Mutation
18) Thirty years old mutation
19) Payment of tax and mutation fee
20) Attestation during mutation
21) Determination of validity of mutation
22) Restriction after mutation
23) Pesumption of truth
24) Fraud
25) Allegation of fraud
26) Sanction of mutation-absence of executor
27) Beneficiary
28) Presumption
29) Cancellation of Mutation
30) Sanction of Mutation
31) Limitation
32) Review of Mutation
33) Nature and correctness of mutation
34) Notice
35) Attestation of mutation of inheritance
36) Gift Mutation
37) Value of gift mutation
38) Gift through mutation by unsound person
39) Entries in revenue record
40) Entries in record of rights
41) ONUS to prove
42)Correction of entries
43) Correction of Entry record of rights
44) Rectification of Advease entries in revenue record
45) Disputed entries in revenue record
46) Correction of mistakes
47) Long standing entries
48) Giving effect to decree in revenue record
49) Cancellation of entry
50)Appointment of Lumberdary
51) Principle of Premoganiture
52) Additional Post
53) Conduct of Candidate
54) Religion of Candidate
55) Eligibility
56) Prefrential right
57) Appointed of successor Lumberdar
58) Women Lumberdar
59) Lumberdar for two adjacent village
60) Lumberdar grant
61) Hereditary claik
62) Constitutional Jurisdiction of High Court
63) Partition of Holding
64) Partition of Land more than one Khewal
65) Partition proceedings
66) Affirmation of Partition Private Effected
67) Sanad taqseem
68) Partition of state land
69) Party to suit
70) Joint Land
71) Inherited property
72) Nature and Distribution of Shamlet Deh
73) Demarcation
74) Demarcation of land
75) Order of demarcation
76) Demarcation of Budrries of Urban Property
77) Khasra Girdawari
78) Correction of Girdawari
79) Khasra Girdwari of residential plot
80) Evidentry value of Khasra Girdawari
81) Suits
82) SUIT against government
83) Suit for declaration
84) Suit for Declaration and Permananet injunction
85) Pre-Emption suit
86) Suit for Possession
87) Suit for Possession of Immoveable property
88) Suit for Pussess and Permanent Injunction
89) Miscellaneous
90) Constitutional Application
91) Appeal
92) Appeal and Revision
93)Appeal to board of revenue
94) Execation meney decree
95) Maintenance decree
96) Allotment of Land under temporary Cultivation Lease scheme
97) Execution of declarartory decree
98) Allotment of Land
99) Estoppel
100) Res-judicate
101) Onus of proof
102) Arbitrary Exercise of Power
103) Arrease of Land Revenue
104) Cause of action
105) Sale of Property through Auction
107) Sale of mortgaged property
108) Sale of immovable property
109) Grant of Propriety rights to Lessees
110) Evidentry value of parat patwar
111)Report of Patwari
112)Change in shares
113) Right of Prior purchase
114) Delivery of symbolic Possession
115) Theft of trees
116) Registered deed
117) Oral gift
118) Imprisonement in default of fine
119) Auction of state land
120) Service of summons
121) Resumption of tenancy
122) Illegal Possession
123) Fraud
124) Negligence
125)Cancellation of registered power of attorney
126) Lis pendence
127) Joint Agricultural land
128) Co sharer
129) Transaction of sales and gift
130) Presumption
131) Remand of case
132) Cancellation of Allotment
134) Cancellation of Lease
135) Demolishing Sanctioned path
136) Power of review
137) Enrochment
138) Illegal occupant
139) Second Review petition
140) Inheritance
141) Recovery of fine
142) Recovery of government dues
143) Consolidation of holdings
144) Acquisition of land
145) Shamilat deh

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Rahnmae Patwar PDF Urdu Book Free Download

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