Zong Daily Weekly And Monthly Internet Packages 2021-2022

All Zong Daily Weekly And Monthly Internet Packages 2021-2022 are given below. Zong is the best Internet and other services provider in Pakistan. Zong Internet is the fastest and the most reliable internet service across the entire country. It is the first Internet provider in Pakistan that offered 4G internet. After that, other companies also provided 4G services for their users.

Zong Daily Internet Package 2021-2022

Check out Daily Zong Internet Packages today now.

Package Name Volume Charges Validity Subscription Code 
Zong Daily Basic Internet Package100 MBRS 231 Day*6464#
Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package1GB Internet (500 Internet+ 500 Youtube)RS 49+Tax1 day*5#
Zong Daily Day Time Offer1.5 GBRS 22.5+Tax4am to 7 pm*47#
Zong Youth Offer2.5 GBRS 22.5+Tax1am to 9 amSMS “gno” to 6464

Zong Weekly internet Package 2021-2022

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Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Zong Super Weekly Premium Internet Package30 GB Internet, 100 off-net +Unlimited on-net minutes, unlimited SMSRS 3407 Days*225#
Zong Super Weekly Max Internet Package30 GB (16 GB + 14 GB Data for YouTube)RS 3007 Days*220#
Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package8 GB Internet (incl. 1 GB WhatsApp)RS 2407 Days*20#
Zong Super Weekly Offer Package3 GB (incl. 25 all net mins)RS 1857 Days*6464#
Zong Maga Data Offer Package Keekly100 GB (1AM to 9AM)RS 987 Days*808#

Zong Monthly internet Package

Check out Monthly Zong Internet Packages today now.

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Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Zong Monthly Mini 150 Internet Package150 MBRS 5030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Basic 500 Internet Package500 MBRS 15030 Days*6464#
Zong Super Monthly Plus20 GBRS 55030 Days*6464#
Zong Super Monthly5 GBRS 29030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Social12 GB Facebook+ WhatsApp+ Imo, 250 on-net minutesRS 19030 Days*6000#
Zong Super Monthly Max40 GB incl. 20 GB from 1AM to 9AMRS 89930 Days*6#

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