Your PC run into a problem and need to restart in windows 10

The blue screen error prompt Your PC run into a problem and need to restart in windows 10 is a very common error message. Most windows users have encountered a situation where their operating system crashes unexpectedly and displays the dreaded blue screen of death there are various underlying causes that can result in a crash, and the system will report different error message and detailed information to help users troubleshoot the problem. Among the Blue screens, your PC into a problem and needs to restart happens most frequently.

Boot into safe mode and then boot normally

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of windows. It starts your PC with the minimal necessary programs and services. In safe mode, you can fix some system related problems by uninstalling incompatible software/ drivers, deleting problematic files, removing viruses, and more. Even if you do noting, booting into safe mode is useful to repair some system errors by helping the storage system to be re accessed. Click on follow tutorial How to boot windows10 in safe mode

Check the Disk

Check the disk is identical to running the CHKDSK command. which is used to fix disk errors like bed sectors and system errors. if your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart appears with “Inaccessible_Boot_Device” That’s why checking the disk is necessary.

  1. Go to This Pc Right Click your drive and choose properties.
  2. Go to the Tools tab and click check scan drive.
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Windows Automatic Repair

In some cases, your PC will restart and prepare a startup repair automatically after the message your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart appears, resulting in the “Your PC Did Not Start Correctly Error Fix

Perform system Image Recovery

  • Connect the external hard drive that contains the system image to your computer.
  • In the windows boot options menu. select Troubleshoot > Advance options >System image recovery.
  • Choose the system image you want to recover.
  • In the Re image your computer wizard, select system image and click Next.
  • Follow the wizard to format the disks and restore the system.
  • Restart your computer.

Restore Registry configuration

Don’t have restore point or system image? No worry. based on the details above, here i recommend you select command prompt to restore the registry.

The Registry is a data base that contains the configuration data for the windows operating system and most of the applications. That why changes in the registry may influence the functionally by your self or by some program. and that could result in serious problem just like your PC ran into a problem and need to restart luckily, the changes can be revert with the registry backup files, which you can complete via command prompt.

  1. Choose Command prompt among the options.
  2. select the account and enter the password.
  3. in command prompt, enter the following command in order.
  4. Click to copy.
  5. Step 4 type exit. in the Choose an option screen, choose Tun off your Pc and then start your computer.
  6. simply spiking, there command above serve the propose of replacing the existing system 32 config files, which might have been changed incorrectly, with the ones in the backup folder. This method will certainly work if the ” Your PC ran into problem error is cased by registry changes.
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You Are stuck in the “your PC ran in to a problem loop”

  1. Create a windows installation media according to the official guide supplied by Microsoft
  2. Connect the bootable media to your computer and boot your computer from the device.
  3. wait for the installation files to load.
  4. in the windows setup windows. choose next.
  5. Click Repair your computer in the setup windows and choose Troubleshoot > Advance option.