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iPhone 6 Camera Black Screen Issue fix.

Sometimes the I Phone 6 Camera app does not get work properly, which causes camera black screen problem. Your iPhone 6 or Other version of I phone is not having the latest iOS software. You should Try to update the phone. make sure to do this by using your Mac OS through iTunes. Update the i phone software of the device. Below steps to fix iPhone 6 camera black screen issue

iPhone 6 Camera Black Screen Issue fix.

  1. Settings -> General -> Software Update
  2. Connect your device to your Mac PC
  3. Launch the iTunes application and select your iPhone from the menu.
  4. select to update the phone to the latest iOS version.
  5. Hard Reset your phone
  6. go to Settings and tap on general
  7. Now scroll down and select reset.
  8. tap on Reset all Settings. Now just wait for the phone to be restarted.
  9. You can also do this hard reset by simultaneously pressing and holding the power and the home button.
  10. This will turn of the device.
  11. Wait for a couple of minute
  12. This will turn it on using the same procedure as was used to turn the phone off.

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