How to use whatsapp on Your PC

WhatApp Overview

There are three ways that you can get started on using whatsapp app on your Pc. the whatsapp development team has already made it easy for you to use the messenger outside of your Mobile. But there are some things that we’ll need to do first, in any case, here are the methods you can use so you’ll be able to check whatsapp messages on Computer Or Laptop. How You can use whatsapp on Pc.

  1. Using teh whatsapp web client 
  2. Downloading the whatsapp desktop client 
  3. Utilizing and android emulator (bluestacks)

Using the whatsapp Web client

  1. Open your web browser and go to  following link
  3. You’ll see instructions and a QR Card. Prepare your Mobile.
  4. Open whatsapp on your smartphone. Make sure that you’re signed into whatsapp Otherwise, this will not work.
  5. Tap menu in the upper right corner or settings and select whatsapp web
  6. Pint your phone camera at the QR code to capture it.
  7. You’ll be signed into the app shortly.
  8. Enjoy whatsapp on your computer

Using the whatsapp desktop client

  1. Go to Whatsapp official download page 
  3. On the right side of the screen, click on the download for windows 
  4. The download should start shortly 
  5. There’s no need to install. The program is a stand alone program.
  6. Go to your phone and open whatsapp
  7. Click the settings button in the upper left and click on whatsapp web
  8. Point your phone camera at the QR code Scane.
  9. The client should start signing you in.
  10. Enjoy
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Utilizing and android emulator (MEMu)

  1. Download the bluestacks program through 
  2. MEmu
  3. Click on the download button to start downloading it
  4. Once downloaded install the program on your PC and run it.
  5.  Search for whatsapp on Google play
  6. Install whatsapp on your bluestacks 
  7. You’ll sign in to whatsapp the same way as you do on your phone
  8. Done