How to Upgrade Windows xp to Windows 10

As there are lot of differences between windows xp and windows 10. If you want to use the feature of windows 10 then you can upgrade windows xp to windows 10. Before going through the upgrade process you’ll need to make sure your PC is compatible with windows 10.

Windows 10 Version 1909 Requirements

Processor1GH or faster CPU
RAM 1 GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
Hard Drive Space16 GB for 32-bit or 20 GB for 64-bit
Graphics Directx 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
Display resolution800 x 600

If your Computer meet the minimum hardware requirements, you’ll need to download windows 10 From the Microsoft website.

How to Upgrade Windows xp to Windows 10

  1. First Create windows 10 bootable USB by using this Article.(How to Create windows Bootable USB)
  2. Before you can boot windows form the USB Media you may need to update your device BOIS settings to install windows. This process usually requires to process one of the function key F1,F2,F3,F10 or F12.
  3. Start your computer with the USB bootable media.
  4. Press any key to continue.
  5. Click next button.
  6. Click the install now button.
  7. Enter the product key and click the next button.
  8. When the product key not valuable click on skip button.
  9. Check the windows license terms option.
  10. Click the next button.
  11. Select the Custom install windows only (advanced ) option.
  12. Select each partition in the hard drive that you want to install windows 10 and click the delete button.
  13. Warning: Deleting a partition is also deletes all data within also its not required to delete the partitions form a secondary hard drive.
  14. Select the hard drive to install windows 10.
  15. Click the next button.
  16. After the installation, select your region in the first page of the out of the box experience
  17. click the Yes button.
  18. Select your keyboard layout.
  19. Click the yes button.
  20. if you’re not setting keyboard layout click the skip button.
  21. if your device is using an Ethernet connection your device will connect to the network automatically if you’re using a wireless connection. You’ll need to set up the connection manually.
  22. Select the set up for personal use option.
  23. Click the Next button.
  24. Type your Microsoft account like email.
  25. Click the next button.
  26. Type your account password.
  27. Click the next button
  28. Click the create a PIN Button.
  29. Create a new PIN password.
  30. Click OK Button.
  31. Click Yes button if you want to use Timeline across devices.
  32. Then Click the Do it later button to skip linking your phone to your PC.
  33. Click the Next button to set up one Drive automatically.
  34. Click the Accept button to enable Cortana on your device.
  35. Select your privacy settings that best suits your needs.
  36. Click the Accept button.
  37. wait some time to install windows 10 automatically.
  38. after windows 1- is completely installed, you’ll be presented with the new desktop and all the new features.
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