How to Unlock your Jazz 4G Evo device

In this toturial i will tell you how to unlock your Jazz 4G Evo device. By this technique you will be able to use all the networks SIMs on your device. Following tutorial can applicable to the only jazz Evo device model which are mentioned MF673-B12,13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19.

  1. Turn on your device then connect a data cable with your device.
  2. then install its drivers by the double clicking the device icon.
  3. turn off your antivirus software.
  4. if the drivers are unable to install then download those software.
  5. download the following Flash file and drivers.
  6. Extract the files.
  7. Click on Qualcomm Auto Drivers.
  8. Do not operate until all of your drivers are installed on your device.
  9. Click on file #1 and run it.and minimize it but do not cancel.
  10. Click on file #2 and run it.
  11. Then Run the file #3 New version. your device is writing on Data and don’t unplug your device.
  12. when the password is required you just write six times Star e.g ******
  13. when the device asks For Enter Number You have to type your IMEI No of your Device.
  14. after this it will require Port Number
  15. If you want to check your port no go to the Computer device Manager Click on the port tab. your device port no will be shown e.g (Com3)
  16. enter your device Port No In the Required section E.g 3
  17. Then press any key to continue.
  18. unplug your device and remove the battery.
  19. Again plug the battery again in the device.
  20. Press the WPS + Power Button together for 5 second.
  21. when the blue light of the power button glows then Plug your device in to the computer.
  22. Then the file writing starts.
  23. if there is any problem during the file writing its only because of your driver not install.
  24. when your file writing completes you can run all Networks SIMS
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Following are the steps that you have to follow in order to unlock your device.

How to Unlock your Jazz 4G Evo device

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