How to Speed up Windows 10

In this article i will try how to Speed up you windows 10 make your computer faster. Follow below steps to speed up windows 10.

Optimize Hard Drives

Keep Hard Drives optimized using the Windows 10 optimize drives feature. Make sure that the daily or weekly optimization is turned on for all of your drives.

How to Turn on optimize Hard drive

  • Right Click on the Hard drive > then Click on Properties
  • Drive properties dialog box is open click on Tool button.
  • Clock on optimize button in “optimize and fragment drive” section
  • Select on the drive and click on the change setting
  • Check box “Run on a schedule
  • Select frequency “Weekly,Daily,Monthly”
  • Click Ok
  • Then click on the optimize button
  • optimizing is start

Adjust best Performance

you can select adjust best performance to disable visual effect

How to adjust best performance

  • Right Click on “The PC ” Icon or “My Computer” > Then click on properties.
  • Select the Advance system setting on the left panel.
  • system properties dialog box appear.
  • Click on Advance Tab.
  • Click on setting button in performance.
  • Select The visual effect Tab >Adjust for best performance.

Turn on Fast Startup

  • Click on the Start button
  • Search control panel.
  • Click on system and security option>power option
  • Choose “what closing the lid does” In the left panel
  • Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable
  • Check box “Turn on fast startup (Recommended)” under the shutdown setting.
  • Click on save Setting.
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