How to Password Protect a Zip Folder in Windows 10

Password Protecting a zipped file is a good solution if your version of windows does not support password protection. if you put the files you’ed like to protect in a zip file, you can then apply a password. A RAR file is a compressed archive that can contain hundreds of other files. You can encrypt and password protect any RAR archive. Without the correct password , unauthorized users won’t even be able to see the names of the files it contains. following are the procedure to password protect a zip folder in windows 10.

How to Password Protect a Zip Folder in Windows 10

  1. First Download WinRAR software from the official website.
  2. install WinRAR.
  3. Add your files to a new RAR archive. Right click on the the folder that you want to Compress. Click on add to archive option.
  4. Click the Set Password button. This is located in the General tab of the Archive name and parameters. This windows appears when creating a new archive.
  5. Enter in your password.
  6. Confirm your password. You can check the show password box to see the characters as you type them.
  7. Check the Encrypt file names Box.
  8. Click OK to save your password.
  9. done. After the RAR files is created, you can double Click it to open compress file. When you try to extract it, you will be prompted for the password you created.

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