How to Clean C drive in windows 10 Make your PC Faster

I am gonna show you how to clean your C drive in windows 10 it is simple yet effective proceed we gonna do it as fast as possible we are not using any third party programs to perform this cleaning process so you don’t have to download another creepy tool in order to clean unwanted files From C drive or it will make your system run faster.

Clean Temporary File and Prefetch file

  1. First click on windows icon start menu and click run.
  2. Type temp.
  3. Click on continue to access.
  4. Now you will all see the unwanted file and delete all file.
  5. Some file may not deleted select do this for all current items and Press Skip button.
  6. Open Run command and type %temp% and hit enter.
  7. Select all file and delete it.
  8. Re-open Run and Prefetch Click continue to access the folder.
  9. view Prefetch Folder and delete all file.
  10. Then also empty the recycle bin.

Remove the unwanted programs install on your C Drive

  • click the window button and click on the PC setting > App setting.
  • Then click app and Feature button on the left side bar and then click on uninstall button of the app to be remove.

Optimize drive C

  • Right Click on Drive C and Go to the property option.
  • windows property window appear.
  • Go to the tool option and Click on optimize option.
  • Select the C drive and then click on optimize button
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Disk clean up

  • First go to the windows menu
  • Search for disk cleanup
  • open disk Cleanup app
  • Select C Drive and Click OK
  • Select all the file option then click on clean up system file.
  • perform a deep scan and then again clean up

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